Woldring Verhuur

The rental price

De huur van een kamer, studio of appartement bestaat uit twee gedeelten: de "kale" huur welke ontstaat door het officiële puntensysteem en het pakket aan servicekosten.

The basic rent is the money you pay for the amount of space you rent and the facilities in the accommodation. The government has devised a points system for this calculation. The more points the accommodation gets, the higher the basic rent.

The service costs package consists of costs for the supply of gas, electricity, water, taxes, caretaker, depreciation of the furniture, upholstery and household contents and any services such as technical maintenance and cleaning and/or a possible parking space. All services and costs are laid down in the lease agreement. Each spring, the lessor will provide an overview of the service costs incurred in the previous year with a settlement of the monthly advances already paid.

Attention! The above does not apply to the Woldring location. For more information : www.dewoldringlocatie.nl 

So there are many factors that determine the price of a living accommodation. The living accommodation offered on the internet site has an inclusive or an exclusive rental price.