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About us

Regional landlord in Groningen

Woldring Verhuur is an independent property developer and a large, regional landlord active in the City of Groningen. With our years of experience, we have grown into a very well-known name in the field of renting out apartments, studios, rooms, houses and stores. Almost everyone in the City knows us and we are very proud of that.

Our mission

Since 1911 What once started as a small and luxurious department store has grown into the rental company it is today. As an original family business from the region, we have been very involved with all its inhabitants from day one. That's why we have a very clear goal: to provide safe, modern and above all pleasant housing in the city.

This is a unique challenge, as the housing market never stands still, especially in such a large student city as Groningen. We ask more of ourselves every day and we raise the bar to be able to continue to guarantee the best quality. Everyone can therefore rent a home with this young and ambitious team with peace of mind.

Our Team

At Woldring Verhuur, a variety of people from all walks of life work at different levels. Although everyone has their own task to perform, they all help each other where necessary. This allows us to build on each individual's strengths, but makes us stronger as a team.

If you are interested in working with us, please check Here our vacancies or more information on how to send an open application.

Our offer

Our offer in the housing market We currently manage more than 600 residential and commercial properties. With us, you can rent a property in Groningen that is sure to suit you.

All of Woldring Verhuur's residential properties are currently occupied, so our vacant supply depends on these leases. Only when these existing leases expire or are terminated will new supply become available. Therefore, it is possible that we may have more vacant rental properties in one month than another.

As soon as a residence becomes available at Woldring Verhuur, it will be posted on our website as soon as possible. From experience we can say that most contracts are terminated at the end of the month, taking into account a notice period of at least one month. This means, for example, that at the end of August a rental contract will be terminated as of 1 October. In the background various actions will be taken which will take some time. In this example, this means that we will post a new offer on our website no later than the beginning of September, which can therefore be rented from 1 October.


If you are interested in a particular property, please use the contact form on the page for that property and our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible about the next steps.

For other questions or comments, you can mail us at verhuur@woldringverhuur.nl or call via tel: 050-3600318.