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More and more university students living in rooms in Groningen
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 07-09-2021

  According to Statistics Netherlands, in 2020 more university students moved to Groningen than in the previous year. This is a remarkable trend, because in the previous years fewer and fewer students went to live on their own. The inflow of these students in Groningen increased from 3000 in 2019 to 3100 in the coronal year 2020, which means that the [...]

Groningen gets a landlord inspection
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 09-07-2021

Groningen will get a landlord inspection. From 2022 onwards, the municipality will actively track down residential properties and check whether landlords comply with the law. As a result, the city will no longer be dependent on reports from the tenants themselves (Source: DvhN) Team Woldring Verhuur is pleased with this initiative. We regularly hear and read about abuses in the [...]

Complaints Woldring Location in Blackbook ROOD cannot be solved due to lack of information
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 23-06-2021

On April 13th Woldring Verhuur received a black book from ROOD, the local youth branch of the SP. After an investigation it appears that these complaints can only be solved on an individual level. Due to the anonymous processing and lack of information provided by ROOD, these complaints cannot be solved at this moment alone. This is confirmed by Woldring United BV. The [...]

VentGuide says Woldring location exhaust system meets requirements
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 09-12-2020

Recently there has been some discussion about exposure to particulate matter during cooking at the Woldring location. Woldring Verhuur took these reports seriously and immediately took action. An independent investigation by VentGuide has now shown that the ventilation system, which was the main subject of discussion in the media, meets [...].

A.E.D. available at the Woldring location !
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 28-09-2020

Recently an A.E.D. device has been installed at the Woldring location. It is available at the front near the middle entrance on the right. About 600 people live at Friesestraatweg 145. Most of them are young people, but you can never predict what might happen in the future. Therefore we decided to install this [...]

Woldring Verhuur dissociates itself from impure votes Groninger Architecture Prize
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 08-09-2020

September 3 (last) it was announced that the number of votes for the Woldring location in the online election of the Groninger Architecture Month has been reduced. The organizers (Stichting DAG, Atelier Stadsbouwmeester and GRAS) have announced that a large number of unclean votes have been counted which were destined for the Woldring location. Woldring Verhuur supports [...]