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Groningen in third place of happiest cities in Europe
By Nynke van der Veen - Posted on 05-01-2024
Nothing beats Groningen, and European Union research now seems to confirm that as well: Groningen ranks third among the happiest cities in Europe. The research shows that 96 percent of the inhabitants are satisfied. In no other city in Europe is...

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Upcycling plastic instead of burning it: Woldring Verhuur sponsors Plastic Fantastic
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 08-11-2022
Green oases not only beautiful, but also functional

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Strategic Manager Mamamini: "This has been a fantastic investment for us."
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 21-10-2022
Lianne Stoltenborg-Apeldoorn on working with Woldring Verhuur

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Woldring Verhuur present at 35th edition of the 4 Mile
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 11-10-2022
A top performance from every participant

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Woldring offers Mamamini a new home
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 27-09-2022
On Oct. 8, this clothing boutique will open its doors

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Green oases Woldring Location completed
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 29-07-2022
Cooling for residents and stimulating biodiversity

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Great interest for unveiling Stolpersteine
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 11-05-2022
On May 2, 2022, 38 Stolpersteine were unveiled at Schoolholm 26 in Groningen. On this sunny day, Woldring Verhuur welcomed interested people from the Netherlands and abroad. It was a special, but also an emotional day for all involved. The Stolpersteine commemorate the residents and employees of the former...

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Woldring Location goes green with Save Lodge
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 09-05-2022
This summer we are working with Save Lodge to transform the courtyard of the Woldring Location into a green oasis.Around the fence above the parking garage we are realizing a plant wall with stacked flower boxes made of plastic remnant mix waste.We are filling these boxes with substrate and thousands of plants.Above it will be a pergola...

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Unveiling 38 Stolpersteine near Jewish Old People's Home in Groningen
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 19-04-2022
(Board Beth Zekenim 1934 | Photo: P. Kramer, Groninger Archives) On 2 May next, 38 Stolpersteine will be unveiled at the former Jewish retirement home Beth Zekenim in the center of Groningen, in the presence of Mayor Koen Schuiling. At 15.00 hours, in the presence of many surviving relatives and representatives of the...

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New Woldring Verhuur bus
Woldring takes new bus into use
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 18-10-2021
It's orange and it's driving on the road. You're expecting a funny joke right now, but it's Woldring Verhuur's new bus! As of today, the rental company is taking a new company vehicle into use. A smaller bus was chosen instead of a large car, allowing them to...

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Team Woldring Verhuur has a glorious day during the 4 miles
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 11-10-2021
Last Sunday the 34th edition of the 4 miles of Groningen took place. Several companies were represented during this event, including the Woldring Verhuur from Groningen. We look back on a successful afternoon and are proud of our achievements! Team Woldring Verhuur participated with a large group consisting of a...

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More and more university students living in rooms in Groningen
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 07-09-2021
  According to CBS, in 2020 more wo-students moved to Groningen than in the previous year. This is an unusual trend, because in the years before that fewer and fewer students went to live in rooms. The intake of these students in Groningen increased from 3000 in 2019 to 3100 in...

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Groningen gets a landlord inspection
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 09-07-2021
Groningen is getting a landlord inspection.From 2022, the municipality will actively track down residential missing properties and check whether landlords are complying with the law.This means the city will no longer be dependent on reports from tenants themselves.(Source: DvhN) Team Woldring Verhuur is pleased with this initiative.We regularly hear and read about...

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Complaints Woldring Location in Blackbook ROOD cannot be solved due to lack of information
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 23-06-2021
April 13, Woldring Verhuur received a black book from ROOD, the local youth branch of the SP. After investigation, it appears that these complaints can only be resolved on an individual level. Due to anonymous processing and lack of information from ROOD, these only cannot be resolved at this time. This is confirmed...

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A.E.D. available at the Woldring location !
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 28-09-2020
Recently an A.E.D. device is hanging at the Woldring location.It is available at the front near the middle entrance on the right.At the location at 145 Friesestraatweg live about 600 people.These are mostly young people,but you can never predict what might happen in the future.There...

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Woldring Verhuur distances itself from impure votes Groninger Architecture Prize
By Jorin Onclin - Posted on 08-09-2020
September 3 (last), it was announced that the number of votes for the Woldring Location in the online election of the Groninger Architecture Month has been reduced, as the organizers (Stichting DAG, Atelier Stadsbouwmeester and GRAS) revealed that a large number of unclean votes were counted that were intended for the...

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