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About our method

On this page you can read more about the way we work. How does a rental agreement come about? What requirements must a candidate meet? And how does the selection procedure work? We would like to show you how things work behind the scenes at Woldring Verhuur.

Step 1: starting our search

Often our search starts around the 1st or the 16th of the month and we always look for a candidate for a property that becomes available one month later.

Terminating an existing lease

Our search for a new tenant begins when an existing lease is terminated, as all of our properties are currently rented out. We look for a new candidate when someone else leaves a property.

Close well

We think a proper closing is just as important as finding a new suitable tenant, so we first make proper arrangements with the current occupant. Our rule of thumb is that a signed lease termination form is the final go-ahead for us to look for a new tenant.

Determine new rent

The rent of a room, studio or apartment consists of two parts: the basic rent and the service costs.

The basic rent is the amount you pay for the amount of space you rent and the facilities in the accommodation. The government has devised a point system for this calculation. The more points the accommodation receives, the higher the basic rent will be.

The service costs package may include costs for the supply of gas, electricity, water, taxes, the caretaker, depreciation of furniture, furnishings and/or contents and any services such as technical maintenance and cleaning. All specific services and costs will be laid down in the tenancy agreement.

The utilities are not included in the service costs for every property, so it is possible that you will have to take out a contract yourself for some independent properties.

When looking for a new tenant, we will first check if there are changes in these two aspects. The price will be adjusted if necessary and will be clearly communicated.

Suggest someone

It happens regularly that a current tenant wants to propose a new candidate. These are always welcome with us.

If an existing tenant would like to nominate someone, we would like to know as soon as possible. We advise you to mention during the first contact that you would like to nominate someone.

This does not mean that the nominated candidate will actually be allocated the accommodation.

Step 2: Collecting responses

During this step we have already made clear agreements with the previous tenant. Now it is our job to find a new tenant. We want to do this as quickly as possible, but also carefully.

Responding to an accommodation

We place all our vacant offers on our websiteEveryone is welcome to respond to our housing. You can do this by using the contact form. This way your request will reach us in the right way.

Tips for getting there fast

If you are looking for a place to live, you should check out our website regularly. We also post updates on our Facebook pageYou can also follow us to find out more about what we have to offer.

Loose applications, without response to a specific accommodation

We regularly receive emails with the question if ''we still have something available''. Our rental staff would like to think along with you, about finding a suitable home. Because our offer is shared on our website, we would like to ask you to take a look at the website first.

Step 3: selection procedure

As soon as we have received a number of responses, we will assess the various applications. We will be pleased to explain how this works in general.

Rental conditions

In order to rent from us, we set a number of conditions, which we have divided into financial and social conditions.

In order to ensure that the financial obligations can be met, we have formulated the following conditions. When assessing the various candidates, we look at whether these criteria can be met.

  • Before we enter into a tenancy agreement, we want to be able to see that our candidate can pay the rent without any problems. This can be through salary, assets, student finance or in some other way. This reduces the chance of us encountering problems during the upcoming tenancy period.
  • Before the rental period starts, we ask you to pay a deposit of 2x the monthly rent (including service costs), which you will get back from us after the final statement is made. We set these conditions in case we need to charge any repair costs to the tenant during or after your rental period.
  • For tenants under the age of 30, we ask that they provide a guarantor. Should the tenant no longer be able to meet their financial obligations, we can approach the guarantor. This gives us just that little extra security.
  • The payment of the rent is exclusively done by automatic collection. This can only be done from a Dutch bank account. This way the rent will be deducted automatically every last working day of the month and you don't have to think about it yourself.

In addition, we want living in one of our properties to be as pleasant as possible for everyone. So for the new tenant as well as for ourselves, but certainly also for our existing tenants. That is why we are also looking for a candidate who fits in with our housing on a social level.

  • It is absolutely not allowed to keep pets. To treat everyone equally, we make no exceptions.
  • The same applies to drug use and the possession of weapons, which we absolutely cannot tolerate.
  • Furthermore, it is important that you do not cause any nuisance. You live with several tenants in a complex and only together can we keep the living conditions optimal.


We review all applications very carefully. Eventually we will select a number of candidates with whom we will schedule a viewing. We do this with those who we feel best meet our rental conditions.


Because of the coronavirus, we try to schedule as few viewings as possible. If a candidate is seriously interested and we assess the application well, we will look for a time. We always do this in consultation with the current occupant. During this viewing the candidate can assess whether there is still serious interest.

Waiting list

Because we are a commercial landlord, we do not work with registrations as with a housing association. We do not look at how long a candidate is looking for a place to live. So you do not have to be registered for a long time to have a chance. This also means that we do not keep waiting lists. If you are not selected, you will have to respond to an advertisement the next time. Just like the rest of the interested parties.

Step 4: commencement of a new rental period

If, after the viewing, it appears that the candidate actually wants to rent, we will take the final steps. This goes as follows.


We ask that you accept the housing unit in advance. This is done by paying a deposit and signing the acceptance form. This way we can be sure that we have a serious candidate and then the candidate knows that he/she will get the housing unit. This cost is deducted when paying the deposit.

Signing a new rental agreement

Once the accommodation has been accepted, we will draw up a contract, which the tenant will receive via email as soon as possible after acceptance. Should the candidate wish to discuss the contract, he or she can of course do so in person, by phone or via email. If there are no questions, we will ask you to sign the contract and make the remaining payments within the set time limit. From that moment on, the accommodation will be definitively rented.

Putting the living space in order

The old tenant is obliged to leave the accommodation in the same condition as at the beginning of the rental period. During the pre-inspection we will give some tips and we can see if there are any points for the final inspection. During the final inspection someone from technical services and cleaning will also be present and we can solve any problems that have come up during the final inspection as quickly as possible. This way we can hand over the accommodation to the next tenant with a good feeling.

Once all the steps have been completed, the new tenant can move into the accommodation. We will agree a time when the key transfer can take place. This can take place from the first day your tenancy agreement takes effect, unless this is at the weekend, in which case it can take place on the next working day. If there are any questions or problems after the key transfer, you can always contact us.

Hopefully this overview will give you a good idea of how we work. If after reading this you are interested in a property, please fill out our contact form for the relevant property.